Untitled Mech Game

Untitled Mech Game was created for Mech jam. I created this game with UH Manoa Game Development club and it was made in 14 days. I worked on designing the game, and programming. Untitled Mech Game is a puzzle platformer that has the player control three different mechs that each have different abilities. Plays would need to swap between the three mechs to use their abilities to solve puzzles and complete levels.

The design of the game revolved around the use of the three different mechs and their abilities. The red mech was able to burn down obstacles and vines, the blue mech was able to put out fires made by the red mech and could grow seeds into vines, and the green mech could plant seeds for the blue mech to grow. The vine created by the seeds could be walked on allowing the player to cross over gaps and avoid obstacles. The player also had a limited number of seeds they could create so they had to be mindful when and where they should use them.

Our design focused on the interaction between the three different characters. We knew that this aspect is what made our puzzle platformer apart from the genre. We designed levels that made the player use the different abilities together. We wanted to emphasize the unique interactions between the three. The game features three levels, with the first level being the tutorial and the third level being the most difficult.

Try out the game here: https://justiny.itch.io/untitled-mech-game