Clean sweep was made for the black and white jam 2022. The theme of the jam is to only use the colors black and white. I made this game with the University of Manoa game development club. The game was made with the Unity game engine. I coded some of the mini games, designed game mechanics, and made some of the art assets for the game.

The player was a small robot that had do chores in a house. The player had to do all the tasks assigned to them in short time limit. The player also had to manage their energy bar which depleted overtime. If the players energy ran out, they would be forced to go back to the center of the playing area and have 10 seconds deducted from their current remaining time. The player could recharge their energy by returning to a charging station at the center of the playing area. The game was simple and art style gave it a charm that complemented the gameplay.

Design The game was made to be a quick minigame style game, similar vain to flash games. The game features several tasks that the player had the do before the end of the time limit. To increase the challenge the complexity of the game, players also had to manage their energy. This was done so that player could not simply just go from task to task just completing task. The goal was to incite a sense of urgency. The game consisted of a gameplay loop of which the player had to recharge their energy at the charging base at the center of the map, then go out and complete task, then return to the center to recharge.

If I could improve the game, I would improve the game mechanics. I would like to add more mechanics that would give the game more depth or create another level with different mechanics in the same vain.

You can try the game out here: